Model Overview

Here's the current list of Ghost saddle models. If you prefer a longer flap, check out the Roma, Veneto, Torino, elegant Barocco or the new Classic and Cavallin lines. If you like the look of a short flap, with or without a fender, try the Quilty, Quevis, or gorgeous Ferarra. If you prefer no thigh block, the Florac or Bareback Pad might be for you! Click here for more help in choosing a model, or contact Marlene. Since there are so many options, we mostly only stock the standard models (plus the Florac and Puro and now Torino and Ferarra) as you can determine if the saddle will work for you and your horse by demoing one of these. Then you can have all kinds of fun with materials and colors to order a saddle customized for you. You can even order custom flap lengths on the standard models.

Click on the image or link below to see more pics and pricing! 

New Long Flap

  Torino Bolzano Trentino Valle D'Aosto

New Short Flap

  Ferrara Tango Merano  Puro - with or without blocks

Iberian Models

  Aragona Navarra Barocco - choice of blocks


Original Long Flap



Roma - straight block

Veneto - angled block

Buttera models

 Barocco - choice of blocks

Original Short Flap

  Quilty - straight block Quevis - angled block Florac - no block

Western - with or w/o blocks

Sheepskin Models    
  Cagliari Maremma    

Cavallin Bare-
back Pads



Several New BBP Models

Cavallin Mandriana BBP

 CavallinToscana BBP


Ghost Classic Models




Italy - GP style

Lipica - Dressage style



Most Popular Models




Buttera / Maxxi

Quevis - angled block

Most Secure Models





   Buttera  Vittorio    

For Small Riders