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I lost so much wonderful customer feedback when I lost my website. Time to rebuild so I'd love any feedback, especially with pics!

More hill work tonight, at this rate she’ll be a mountain goat by summer. She was a bit fiery tonight, very forward, we’re both still getting all of our adjustments figured out with the new saddle and tack. I can tell she’s definitely more comfortable in her Ghost as cantering and trotting are effortless for her. ~ Oregon endurance rider

I just wante to share that I rode a moderately tough LD Saturday and then a 30 Sunday with my mare who's built downhill, in the Buttera and Ghost saddle pad. I used it just as it came out of the box. She loved it and moved out beautifully! In fact we were 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday. Very comfortable for me as well. And I used the True Grit pommel pack. - Deb in her Buttera


Achieving 5000 miles with an endurance horse is truly amazing. Getting to 3000 miles is relatively easy with a sound, adequately conditioned equine and a determined rider. The problems increase with the mileage totals. Serious injuries usually curtail the quest for high mileage. However, a myriad of minor stuff seems never ending. Mocha's challenges have been primarily saddle fit. I have been through several saddles, including 3 that were "custom" fit. The saddle fitters I used simply didn't understand endurance. I finally relented and went to Marlene Moss and Ghost treeless saddles.

Marlene and Helga Grimsrud Pratt didn't give up until Mocha had a successful 50 mile completion 3 months after we started trying to fit him. I am forever grateful to these two women for salvaging Mocha's uncertain future. I'm optimistic that Mocha has lots of miles left to go.

It's really excited to see such great saddles and such a great price, that ACTUALLY, ARE WONDERFUL FOR HORSE AND RIDER.
Im not real big , but these saddles are SO STABLE.
THANK YOU FOR HELPING HORSES AND PEOPLE ❤️😊  Thank you for all the great pics and feedback, Tracie!


Lynn & Banner - Washington state endurance team - in a Veneto
Alexis & Raiden - also WA endurance rider - in a Roma

photo credit to Magic Look Photo and Design

I am in Arizona.  It's Jule and it's HOT.  114 today to be precise! I trialled my saddle at the beginning of Summer, so it was a difficult choice to jump into just because I was not able to REALLY test it out on some longer rides. That said, EVERY time I ride I cannot believe the walk Dooley has.........which he never had before. He has so much more shoulder freedom in this saddle.  He is a short backed horse with pretty high withers and big shoulders.  Treed saddles have been a nightmare for us. Going treeless was not easy for me, I worry........a lot. Marlene was so very patient with me.  Really, I know I must have driven her crazy towards the end, but she never gave it away. Ultimately, I can't wait until we get some cooler weather and I can really get out and enjoy this saddle. so far, for me, it is super comfortable.  I am so happy I was finally able to make the transition to treeless, and I am pretty convinced that Dooley is too.  Once we get out on some decent rides I'll send some photos.  Marlene,  thank you again for you unending patience with me. ~Lyn C.
It’s the only saddle my 4.5 year old has ever had on her back and it shows! I’ve also lent it to many clients (barefoot trimmer) to gauge whether their saddle really fit or not. 

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand of saddle I love them that much. ~A. Stratton
"So excited that I finally got the saddle yesterday! The saddle was very comfy and felt very secure. Tank really responded well to it. You could tell he was expecting it to hurt, but very quickly dropped his head and really licked and chewed quite a bit. He was about
the same as he normally is when I ride in my bareback pad. So I was pretty happy. Then the magic happened. No twisting of the saddle, his turns were wonderful (He would short stride in turns. He's so much better than when I bought him, but I could never
get him where I really wanted him!), his lateral moves were amazing! Arena riding is the biggest test for me, as turning as much as I do in the arena vs on a trail really moves his saddle around on his back. One side in particular was his "harder side", and he
was completely fluid on that side! Truly the first time I've felt magic on that side during lateral moves. I was really shocked how quickly he relaxed....I expected him to not trust that it wasn't going to hurt for awhile. I really finally felt, for the first time, that I
was actually "riding" him, and not just fighting my saddle in frustration. I swear he was smiling just as big as I was smiling! Then the big test, mounting from the ground. I struggled a bit trying to get my foot in the stirrup, but was determined to give it the toughest
test possible. It wasn't the prettiest mount, but I did it, and he didn't react badly at all, and the saddle didn't move!!! " Kelly A. 

"I teach my kids to ride in their GHOST. I conditioned for and completed my first endurance-ride in a GHOST. I train for Mounted Search and Rescue in my GHOST.

I rode the Ft Vancouver Veteran's Day Parade in my GHOST (pictured). The pictured horse is a Shire /Paint cross and nearly impossible to fit to a treed saddle.

I USE my saddles. They get abused, enjoyed, filthy, sweaty, borrowed, swapped, modified. This saddle pictured is 4 years old now, and has thousands of miles on it. I consider it barely broken in." Helga (our WA fitter)



The Ghost Italy held its own!! It totally performed and withheld all the vigorous riding and jumping that Thomas - the big and keen 16.1hh Irish Draught cross and I did!! I felt completely secure (very important thing that!) I did a saddle check before and after, and saddle remained fully sound!

It is comfortable (once it has 'given in' from new). It didn't move, and it kept me secure and in good seat position for type of riding.

On removal of saddle, the sweat marks were clear and showed fairly good symmetrical and equal pressure while maintaining spinal clearance. To withstand this kind of riding it must be excellent, and that, I have to say, it is.

I am a very happy customer 
Claire and Thomas

Photography by Sharon Thayer Photography
Ghost Italy -


3 months prior to Tevis, I was having serious saddle fit issues.  We had tried every treed saddle we had in two different households and nothing was fitting as it should.  There was only one 
saddle left to try, my friends Ghost saddle.  I was very hesitant about trying it.  I have not had good experiences with treeless in the past.  And I knew that during Tevis I would get tired and 
depend on my saddle to spread weight evenly when I couldn’t.

The ghost fit her and I was actually pretty comfortable also.  I rode in it for two lessons and out on training rides. No issues noticed.

The next big test was a 50 mile ride at Renegade.  Lots of ups and downs.  She came out of that ride 2nd, and with all A’s for her back/withers on her vet card.  Ok, looks like the Ghost treeless 
will get me through at least the 1st 2/3 of Tevis.  Yes, I’m still skeptical that I can complete a full grueling 100 miles in a treeless.

The day of Tevis arrives and we start in the Ghost.  1st hold - Robinson Flat, all A’s on back and withers.  2nd hold - 64 miles in, Forest Hills.  I was planning on switching out to a treed saddle, 
but her back and withers were still all A’s.  I’m not changing anything if it’s not broke.  Finish line, yes, I finished :).  100 Tevis miles, 23 hours 52 minutes, and still all A’s on back and withers.

For those of you that are looking for comfort for both you and your horse, give the Ghost a try.  I’m glad I did.  I’m getting my own Ghost now.  My girlfriend wants hers back.

I rode in the saddle today and absolutely love it for my position! I wasn't sure what to expect coming out of the box because it is a bit alien looking haha.  Puts my leg in a great spot and the twist is perfect.

I attempted cantering my cranky princess haflinger tonight. He usually bucks HARD in treed saddles any time i ask him to canter. I wanted to wait until i had safety stirrups before I tried just in case i got sent flying. His first 2 canter departs he bolted a bit but didn't buck, after that all of his canter departs were smooth and willing. Very very good sign i'd say!! I'm hoping the little bolts were anticipating pain, 
then when he realized it wasn't going to hurt him his canter departs were BEAUTIFUL. I love my position in it too! So excited!
~Sarah and her beautiful Halflinger 


So I've had the Roma for a few days and I absolutely LOVE it. The seat size is perfect and my horse is very cold backed and he moved beautifully in it without protest. He also is really sensitive when it comes to 
billets on his sides so the billet strap protectors worked great. I love the adjustability of the rigging system too since his girth groove is set fairly forward. The minute I sat in the saddle I knew it wasn't going to set me as wide as my current treeless. I fiddled around with it WTC, got a couple of good bucks, and was happy to see that the saddle stayed in place nicely. I'm just tickled about this saddle. After being so miserable with hip pain (and I'm only 23! Ha!) I can't wait to start the new 2016 season with better comfort for me and my horse.