Customer comments

I lost so much wonderful customer feedback when I lost my website. Time to rebuild so I'd love any feedback, especially with pics!

"So excited that I finally got the saddle yesterday! The saddle was very comfy and felt very secure. Tank really responded well to it.
You could tell he was expecting it to hurt, but very quickly dropped his head and really licked and chewed quite a bit. He was about
the same as he normally is when I ride in my bareback pad. So I was pretty happy. Then the magic happened. No twisting of the
saddle, his turns were wonderful (He would short stride in turns. He's so much better than when I bought him, but I could never
get him where I really wanted him!), his lateral moves were amazing! Arena riding is the biggest test for me, as turning as much
as I do in the arena vs on a trail really moves his saddle around on his back. One side in particular was his "harder side", and he
was completely fluid on that side! Truly the first time I've felt magic on that side during lateral moves. I was really shocked how
quickly he relaxed....I expected him to not trust that it wasn't going to hurt for awhile. I really finally felt, for the first time, that I
was actually "riding" him, and not just fighting my saddle in frustration. I swear he was smiling just as big as I was smiling! Then the
big test, mounting from the ground. I struggled a bit trying to get my foot in the stirrup, but was determined to give it the toughest
test possible. It wasn't the prettiest mount, but I did it, and he didn't react badly at all, and the saddle didn't move!!! " Kelly A. 

"I teach my kids to ride in their GHOST. I conditioned for and completed my first endurance-ride in a GHOST. I train for Mounted Search and Rescue in my GHOST.

I rode the Ft Vancouver Veteran's Day Parade in my GHOST (pictured). The pictured horse is a Shire /Paint cross and nearly impossible to fit to a treed saddle.

I USE my saddles. They get abused, enjoyed, filthy, sweaty, borrowed, swapped, modified. This saddle pictured is 4 years old now, and has thousands of miles on it. I consider it barely broken in." Helga (our WA fitter)