Available Demo Accessories

This is a list of the most typical accessories you can request with your demo. You are welcome to use your own pad, dressage girth, and stirrup straps although Ghost's do have some benefits for horse and rider comfort.

Pad - we recommend a treeless pad of some type with Ghost saddles to ensure a clear spine channel but it doesn't have to be as built up as required for many other treeless brands. This can vary due to rider weight and horse comformation (round horse without a prominent spine or wither can be exceptions.)  It's also possible to put shims in the Ghost pad, so it's quite useful and available for a very good price. I also love the wither contour and center ties to attach the saddle to the pad for easy tacking. I normally only send sympanova for demo because it's easy to clean. If you know your horse needs wool or sheepskin, let me know, but there will likely be a charge to return the pad. See our pads here - https://badlandsequine.com/saddle-pads

Girth - Ghost billets are dressage length, so a short dressage girth is used. Any dressage girth can work if you already have plenty. I have Westip (slim, dense elastic), and Montana Cincha mohair (stock occasionally limited). See options here - https://badlandsequine.com/girths.

Stirrup straps - I really like the Ghost straps. They're made from thin, Granite biothane, very strong and barely noticeable under your leg. If you want to try our English fender, these straps or some similar, are necessary as thicker leathers won't fit through the channel. Stirrup strap keepers are great to cover the buckle which we recommend running at the bottom, just above the stirrup for additional rider comfort. They can be used with the English fenders if the rider's leg is long enough. We also have a webber style T-strap which are great for when you need to change lengths frequently although a bit tougher to change from stirrup ring to another after riding as the little nylon loop tightens with use. 
Fenders - for use with the short flap saddles. Available in either English slip-on fenders which slide over thin stirrup straps, our standard western fender which uses both stirrup rings (really stable), or a single strap western fender so you still have the choice between either of the 1" stirrup rings as well as 2-3" western stirrups. 
See Stirrup strap and Fender options here - https://badlandsequine.com/stirrup-straps Indicate your preference in the Comments field on the demo request form as needed.

Pommel bolster - This is a great option. It can balance the pelvis if you feel tipped forward a small amount (for a bigger effect, shims are recommended). It also narrows the twist and deepens the seat a bit. It can be moved forward and back for a customized feel.

Billet strap protectors - These slide over the billet straps and are recommended for the short flap saddles (unless you choose to pair with a long flap pad) to avoid pinching or rubbing from the thin billet straps. Not all horses need them, but if your horse is sensitive, they're highly recommended. If your horse is large, you can also consider using them with a long flap saddle, but you do want to be careful not to overlap them with the girth on the smaller horses.

Seat reducers - Available either from Ghost to provide about 3/4" reduction, or I make some from felt in 1/4" layers which may be used for a customize fit in 1/4" increments. Great for children as they grow! See options here - https://badlandsequine.com/seat-reducers.

Shims - I almost always send 1/2" panel shims unless your horse is level to uphill with broad shoulders. If your horse is narrow or a bit rump high, they are more likely to be necessary and I also have pad shims available as well. I make these from wool felt, so if you have customized needs, we can probably handle it (dippy backed horse, extremely flat-backed, etc). Ghost makes a wedge shim in a pocket that goes between the panel and base and they also can make a panel (either velcro or closed) with a built-in wedge shim. I recommend them if your horse is downhill and you won't be riding other horses shaped differently. See all Rider Balancing options here - https://badlandsequine.com/rider-balancing-aids.

You can see other possible accessories here - https://badlandsequine.com/accessories - and if there's something you need that isn't an option on the demo request form you can note it in the comments, but please email me first to make sure it makes sense for your situation and that I have it available.