Here are all the current extras you can choose for your saddle to customize its look and personalize to your needs. These options are priced to cover additional material costs and extra time to create. Some may add more production time to your saddle order.

Sheepskin or wool on seat ($25): see the materials page for wool and sheepskin colors

♥ Match Base and Panel ($100): Standard base and panels are in black. You can select either or both of the panel top and base to match one of your seat colors.

Leather or Lorica underneath panels ($40): Typically the bottom of the panels is made with sympanova which is easy to clean, breathes, and is usually grippy to pad materials. If you would prefer Leather or Lorica, choose this option and indicate color/material choice in the Comments box on your model order page. Keep in mind, sometimes leather will be slippery on your pad choice.

Match Dee ring tabs to seat or base ($15): Normally these tabs are black.

Longer or shorter flaps ($75): If you have a shorter or longer leg than average, you can specify the length of your flaps and Ghost will make a custom pattern for your flaps.

Higher or lower cantle ($50): People with hip issues often want a lower cantle to make it easier to swing a leg over the saddle. A higher cantle adds a bit more security for excitable horses or extreme terrain.

Butterfly stamp ($10): Popular on the Ghost Western, this stamp can dress up any of the other models as well.

Embroidery on seat ($50): You can add the name of your horse or barn or your name etc to the flap OR seat rim

Seat stitching ($65 or $125): Also popular on the Ghost Western, you can add stitching to other model with either the standard pattern or a custom pattern.

Piping ($65): For an extra finishing touch or a light splash of color, you can have the seat rim and area around the blocks piped.

Seat rim with clear crystals or metallic studs ($75): Very classy look that stamps your saddle as your own.

Add a little security with a 1" higher
cantle. This Torino also has Julia
leather,and piping around the
block and seat rim.

This Torino has red piping around
the blocks and seat rim, Julia 
leathers and a butterfly stamp.

This Quilty has sheepskin on the
seat (typical option) and flaps.

Add crystals or metal studs to
the seat rim. Or patent leather
to the base or blocks! We can 
also do glitter materials. Ask
for current options.

Here's a Veneto with seat 
stitching like you'd see on a 
Western saddle - can be added
to any model.

In addition to the lovely lilac and
champagne colors of the seat,
the panels and base match!

For those who have difficulty
swinging a leg over the cantle,
it can also be lowered.

Personalize your saddle with your
name, or your horse's or barn