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How to measure a dressage length girth for Ghost's long/dressage length billets - use a cloth tape or a twine and measuring tape to measure from buckle to buckle under the belly at the girth groove.

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Wave Girth

Shoulder relief girth made by Ghost! Perfectly contoured for your horse's elbow motion. Available with multiple colors and with neoprene, sympanova, and wool backing. The Wave Double is similar but the backing is attached by velcro for easy cleaning.

Westip Girth

For those who have heard of Westip girths, which are popular in Europe, Ghost has teamed with Westip to make a custom elastic webbing with the Italian flag colors. The entire length is slightly elastic for comfortable grip to the horse. Great help if saddles slip front-back or side-side on your horse. These girths are also very thin, so if your horse is smaller or the saddle is likely to put the girth into the armpits of your horse, the Ghost Westip is a great choice. Girths are available in 5cm increments. 60cm is roughly 24".

Girth Strap Protectors

These slip on over girth straps if there is a bigger gap between the bottom of your pad and the girth (short flap saddles or larger horses). They can also be ordered with the top layer to match your saddle color. Backing options are neoprene, black, brown, or white wool blend (or exclusive sheepskin, but that's really more for show than practical use and typically order along with either a zalea or Cagliari/Maremma saddle.)
Sold as a pair.

Girth Cover

Medicinal sheepskin cover for the Westip girth. There is a slot for the center dee for breast collar attachment. Available in natural (medicinal) sheepskin, and black, brown, and white wool blend. Very limited quantities in stock because of the wide variety of girth lengths, so it's likely we'll have to order.

Oolala Girth from Ghost

This is simply the most scrumptious and amazingly functional girth you'll ever find! Ordering the Oolala girth requires two measurements - the overall length as you would normally measure from buckle to buckle and the length of the center pad. This will allow you to have a girth that isn't bulky in your horse's armpit area. And most importantly, it can move with your horse. The pads are removeable for cleaning. The beauty of this girth is that you can choose the length of the center section depending if your horse is wide or narrow chested. You would choose the overall length the same as normal. But you can tweak as makes sense for a horse more sensitive in the armpit area. I have limited stock so will probably have to order, but I do have a couple sympanova backed girths in a "middle range" size that you can order and then return and order your correct dimensions and backing material if you are unsure about measuring. Here's a link to the main Ghost site with some videos -