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Ghost offers 3 different base options: the Bareback Pad (with or without integrated pad), the Flexx, the Semi Flexx, and the standard Ghost base.

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide which is best for you and your horse! But it's really not too complicated and remember that Ghost and Flexx are completely interchangeable so you can take your Ghost saddle and switch to a Flexx base and vice versa.

Here is my recommendation on choosing the right base:

1) If you ride a lot of bareback, don't need stirrups most of the time, don't care about twist, really want to sit close to your horse - go with Cavallin BBP. There are many very cool seat options

2) If your horse has a lot of shape change and you think a BBP might be better for your horse but you need more support for your riding activities, need to use stirrups, need to tie more stuff to your saddle, want a little more support/weight distribution - go with Flexx.

3) If you need narrow twist, but you still want some additional flexibility - go with Semi-Flexx

3) If your horse isn't quite so "wiggly" or you "ride hard" or you really need narrower twist - go with Ghost.

As an endurance rider, I have primarily ridden with a Ghost base and my various horses have done well. But my young gelding Merlin has a very short back with a forward girth groove and is very sensitive to anything going forward. He wouldn't canter with Ghost and was uncomfortable with most treed saddles especially on downhills. I tried a BBP and he loved it but that's not a good solution for endurance. Then the Flexx was born and it changed everything. It has been more stable on downhills, has been sufficiently stable or even moreso side to side, and sweat patterns have improved (even though the previous patterns weren't a problem, we all want them to look perfect!)

I also tried my mare who is very wide and moves like spaghetti with the Flexx. She's a tough nut, cranky at the best of times, and hard to tell if she's pissed and uncomfortable or mad cuz she feels so good she wants to go faster than I'll let her. But after a few rides it was clear she's much happier with the Flexx (and she will never, ever be asked to go in a tree again.)

I did 100 miles on my other gelding who can go in anything, but this was my test to make sure Flexx wasn't too flexible and it was perfect. By the end of the summer, I did 3 100s on this horse, one in Original Ghost, next on with the Flexx, and the last one with the Semi Flexx since it became available later.

I do notice the wider feel with Flexx, but I'm also closer to the horse, so there's the plus/minus for the structure that the regular Ghost base provides.

If you've tried Ghost and either had a cranky reaction or any indications of friction but you really wish it had worked because you loved the saddle, it may be a very good reason to try a Flexx base. Also people who come from riding BMSS and actually prefer a wider twist will be happier with the Flexx.

But if you really need the twist or are a heavier rider, the Ghost base is the way to go!

Cavallin BBP base with pad Flexx & Semi Flexx base (visually 
Ghost base