Kloud Information

Here is my link for general information, studes, testimonials (all my horse friends need to watch Ginger's story!) and products. The general company site is here.

Kloud by Centropix is really the beginning of an entirely new PEMF revolution. For an analogy, if other PEMF devices are one dimensional (but still effective), BEMER is two dimensional, and Kloud is three dimensional. It's an entirely new paradigm of layered and variable frequencies to affect more of your body. Truly, this takes PEMF into the next era - that of PEMA - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Activation/Amplitudes. 

The Kloud signal was developed by Dr. Wolf Kafka, the world's formost expert on PEMF. It's referred to as a "Super Position Folded Exponential" form and was developed in 2020. The Dual Stereo Effect has been patented and combines nearly all other PEMF signals into one and enhances "molecular activation" through the entire body. It's like listening to multiple songs at once!

Kloud is registered as a Class 1 device with the FDA.

Beyond the unique signal, there are some other benefits, particularly for horse owners.
1) The controls are integrated into each device
2) Once the battery is charged, the device is completely mobile
3) With the purchase of Vet set blankets, the Human devices can go straight to being used on a horse. No need to purchase multiple sets!
4) No wires or cables to stumble over for horse or human
5) You only need to purchase the devices you need, not an entire set
6) Each program is customized to the needs of your body (different time of day, before or after workouts etc) not just higher or lower intensities

What does Centropix mean? If entropy is chaos, then centropy is order

The Urban Dictionary defines centropy as "the electrification of matter, bringing on creative renewal, the beginning of reality - the opposite of entropy".
Inspired by this definition, a new word – CENTROPIX  – was born. Harnessing the power of centropy, CENTROPIX evokes harmony and balance.