Fitting Information - introduction

Ghost treeless saddles are a wonderful innovation in treeless saddles. It's come the closest I've seen to fitting every horse - although I would never claim that it would work for every horse because, in the end, the horse has the final say. And just like people, they're all different and have different preferences.

The most important thing to realize about checking saddle fit for your Ghost is that it does not weigh enough to allow you to judge bridging without a rider in the saddle. And judging sweat/dirt patterns can be very different as well since parts of the saddle are meant to float over the motion of the horse (at the shoulders and loins) but will fit and move exactly with your horse in the area behind the shoulder motion. Sweat occurs first and most where the saddle moves differently from the horse, so a large, irregular dry area is not unusual and rarely worriesome. But we're always interested in seeing pics just to make sure!

Here are some printable basic fitting instructions provided by Ghost:
Step 1 - placing the panels 
Step 2 - positioning the saddle on the horse
Step 3 - balancing the rider (coming soon!)

Links to the video version of the above docs -, ) 

Here's a video our Canadian dealer made on setting up the panels.

On the Fitting a Ghost link below are additional hints from what I've learned about the amazing adjustability of Ghost saddles while testing fit on several horse shapes and fitting my difficult arab as we work toward doing a 100 mile ride this year.
Click here for contact information to our fitter network - wonderful people who love Ghost, have a higher level of fitting experience, and are willing to help people fit their horse or decide what model to demo or purchase.
Click here for some general notes and experiences on fitting a Ghost saddle to your horse.