Saddlebags & bottle holders

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Bottle Holder

Match your Ghost saddle with a custom bottle holder! Works great with slimmer water bottles, wine bottles, and even carrots.

Cantle bag

For people who don't need to carry a lot of extra gear and don't like their cantle bags draping over their horse's back to either cause rubs or get all sweaty, this is the perfect cantle bag! It can be made from most of the Ghost materials with an accent color on the velcro closure. It has velcro straps that go under the seat to hold the bag up and more to make sure it's secure to the bottom of the base. I've had mine in the pics below made from micronappa which is an awesome leather synthetic, perfect for potentially wet products.

Ghost Saddlebags

A pair of saddlebags designed to work with the Ghost saddle. They are connected by material which goes between the saddle base and panels for security and stability. Bags are available in large and small in colors to match your saddle. Zippers are normally on the upper side, but can be requested to be on top. The large bags are 10" wide and angled from 8" to 10" tall. The small bags can be ordered to your sizing but the small ones pictured are roughly 6" x 6".

Pommel bag

Great bag that attaches to your pommel and front dees with a zipper for easy access to emergency or convenience items. Awesome for endurance riders to carry ride card, carrots, flashlight and other personal items. The small bag pairs well with bottle holders. Add a cantle bag and you've got everything you need for long hours on the trail!

Candy Pouch / Treat Bag

Convenient to carry treats on the trail or even in the arena for training! I like micronappa since it's easy to clean if you end up with something wet or sticky, but you can visit the Color Zones & Materials page under ORDER Saddles to see everything possible to match your saddle or other tack. Email me to discuss details if needed!