Bargain Items!

I have a bunch of sale items including pads that were either demoed once and not returned clean or the style is no longer in production or I just have too many. The price of items includes shipping unless noted otherwise. The saddles are at a reduced price because they were on an extended demo or was one I used and then had to try a new model! To pay for a pad or the other misc items, go to  - enter your name, address, price (without $) and add to cart. If you want a saddle and don't need to demo because you already have one AND you live in the western US you can pay the listed price plus $50. If you need to demo (required if you haven't ridden your horse in a Ghost previously) then note the saddle description and go through the demo request program.

NOTE: I will do my best to remove an item as soon as it is paid for, but some of these will go fast so if you want to make sure, email me first, as well as with any product questions. If a pad doesn't have inserts, they are available for $25 in addition to the pad. 

Please put the item in the comment box along with your address when you use the Invoice payment tool.

Model Size Color Condition Bottom material Inserts? Price Image

2-tone Torino with lots 
of extra features and 

Price new would be 
$2300 for all - bargain
at $1500 plus S&H!

17 Black & Brown
Used but
Pad bottom is

Torino Soft - black
micronappa with blue
glitter, higher cantle,
extra dees. Lightly
used, will work best on
a wide horse. Comes 
with cantle bag and 2
bottle holders.

Price new is over $1700
Shipping is extra

17 Black & blue Lightly 

Torino - Nappa
leather, higher cantle,
piping, extra dees

includes bottle holder
and cantle bag and 
matching pad.

Reg $1675

16 Green Ray & 
New NA NA $1100

Buttera - black and 
Magenta Lorica, 1"
higher cantle

Brand new saddle,
came with wrong color

Reg $1415

17 Black and

Torino - I used this 
saddle for part of one
season while 2 horses
needed separate 

1" higher cantle, seat
stitching, blue micro-
pell accents, extra
front and rear dees. 

$1430 New,
Shipping extra.

17" black and blue used NA NA SOLD

Western saddle
Brand new, customer
changed her mind. 
Her loss, your gain!

Brown oiled nubuck, 
Lorica seat, 1" higher
cantle, matching base

Includes bottle holders
and cantle bag.

18" brown New! white wool NA SOLD
Puro/Half pad 17 black new sympanova 1cm $85
Puro/Half pad 18 black new sheepskin 1cm $155
Quevis/short flap 17 black new sympanova 1cm $100
Quevis/short flap 17  black  new  sympanova  none  $80 
Quevis/short flap 17 red new sympanova 2cm $100
Quevis/short flap 17 black used sympanova none $75
Quevis/short flap 17 black used sympanova 1cm $95
Quevis/short flap 17 black used sympanova 1cm $100
Puro/Half pad 17 black new sympanova 2cm $85
Endurance  17 black  used  sympanova  1cm  $100
Endurance 18 black used sympanova 1cm $100
webbers, need 
stitching, manu-
facturing error.
These will not 
work on Ghost
70cm  black  new  leather    $15