My Kloud Experience

Even though I have been thrilled with the benefits I've seen using a BEMER for both me and my horses (and customers and family members!) I was very intrigued when I learned about Kloud. It really is on a whole new level of PEMF - so they've coined a new acronym PEMA either standing for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Amplitude or Activation because it is able to energize your body's molecules in ways that support or even increase your body's ability to heal and get stronger.

I just got my first Kloud set and right now, I am sharing with a friend who really needs the technology so she can decide when to pull the trigger and buy her own for herself and her horse. So I am using the Kloud Mini while my friend is using the Maxi. Below are my continuing updates!

February 2024
My first test was to make sure the sleep benefits I've received using PEMF continued even though I was using the Mini which is more for targeted applications. And that has been a success! Both sleeping deeper (according to my Garmin watch) and not waking up during the night.

Other observations: I love the portability! No cables, just like the BEMER Equine set. Plus I can fold it for even more targetted and stronger applications. My back was sore from a ride with lots of walk/trot transitions and folding the Kloud Mini to just work on my lower back was great. Plus I could choose a program (in this case Transform) that made sense for this issue.

I have also been able to target my feet for a totally new experiement. I've had some numbness in my toes for decades (owning a boarding facility with no helpers wearing cheap shoes were the start of that) and it seems to have started getting worse in the last couple years. I visited my doctor and there were no underlying causes like diabetes, but also nothing to be done, it's probably related to my poor circulation. But, and this is very interesting since nerves don't typically recover, I am experiencing periods where the numbness is gone! Particularly right after a session, but overall there seems to be more sensation in my toes throughout the day. I'm going to be paying close attention to this!

Another huge benefit of Kloud is that both the Maxi and the Mini can be placed in horse blankets for equine application. Since I have the Mini, I'm using the neck blanket. My mare strained a suspensory and she's held some tension in her neck that I want to minimize between her bodywork sessions. She seems to love the Kloud - which is saying a lot for her because she hates most things in the world including anything near her ears and velcro noises. We'll find out soon what the bodyworker thinks after her next session!

March 2024
I'm so thrilled! A new weapon in my arsenal for the couple horses I have that react badly to their vaccinations! Normally Csavannah and Topper are out of commission, can only shuffle slowly around, and have to have their food elevated for 3-5 days after vaccination. I got Csavannah done at the vet because she had another appointment and is needle phobic anyway. The day after her vax, she could barely walk and couldn't get her nose lower than chest level. So I did 15 minutes with the Kloud Mini PEMF device on the Balance program and 6 hours later, she was able to eat off the ground.

We did the rest of our horses ourselves around 11am. By 3pm Topper looked 100 years old and couldn't eat his afternoon snack out of his hay tub on the ground. I did a 15 minutes session and by feeding time at 6pm he could eat off the ground. I did another session thinking things could still be building up, but this morning he was still fine and performing his normal a$$holery moves! This will be a game changer for these two (they are related and all the others were fine).

Stay tuned for more!