Ghost Florac

Short flap, no blocks. Suitable for casual trail and arena, endurance. Lightweight. Ideal for people who prefer more room to move on a gaited horse or have a longer than average thigh.
Add a western flair with fenders and a skirt instead of standard panels.
Learn about Saddle Extras here. See Color/Materials here.

Seat size is measured English. Subtract 2" for Western.


Options available for an additional price




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Stirrup straps & keepers

These stirrup straps are thin, yet very strong. Made from granite biothane, they'll hold up longer than leather but don't create a bump under your leg. Even better when you run the buckle at the bottom and use the handy keeper to put the excess strap neatly out of the way.
The standard configuration Ghost stirrup straps are 1" granite biothane and can work with any stirrup style. These are the only Ghost stirrup straps that work with the English slip-on fenders.
If you prefer a webber style strap, check out the T-bar and Conway Straps.

Ghost Saddle Pads - short flap

Ghost makes an extremely nice pad, especially for the very reasonable price. Many people buy these for other saddles including BMSS, Freeform, and even treed saddles. Bottom material options include sympanova (a soft rubber, easy to clean, breathable), black, brown or white wool blend, and an amazing medicinal sheepskin. I recommend 1cm inserts with sheepskin unless rider is over 185, and for other bottom materials unless over 165 or horse's spine is well protected.
Add embroidery with your horse or barn name for extra fun!
I keep mostly black with various bottom materials in stock. Others will have to be ordered from Italy.

English slip-on fenders

If you sometimes want the protection of a fender and sometimes want the freedom of riding with only a stirrup strap between you and your horse, the slip-on fender is a great option to save money as well add great convenience. These fenders will work best with Ghost or other thin biothane stirrup straps, not thick leathers, nor the T-straps or Conway buckle stirrup straps. Standard length of the channel is 14" / 36cm. If you need longer, you can use stirrup strap keepers to hold the fenders higher, or order 2" / 5cm longer. If you're short, we can order 2" / 5cm shorter. I typically only have the standard size in stock.

Western Fenders

If you want the look of a western fender, Ghost makes 2 different options. If you need the ability to choose either the front or rear stirrup ring, then the single strap fender can be ordered for a 1" english stirrup top bar or a 2", or 2.5" top bar for endurance or western stirrups. For those who would like a little more stability for their lower leg, the 2-strap western fender uses both stirrup ring and can be ordered for a 2.5" top bar for an extra $10.
I stock the standard length (occasionally I have a short set) and can order the shorter and longer versions if you need. Standard is 41cm / 16" and they can be shorter or longer by 5cm / 2" measured on the fender, not including the straps. Functional range for the standard length is 19" - 23" from stirrup ring to stirrup top bar.