Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins! These nifty straps connect to the back dees and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying. The biothane version are made from beta biothane in the US. If you want to match your saddle material, choose the Ghost version and specify color/material in the comments - see - if needed. Note, I do not stock the Ghost version since there are so many color/materials, so they would be ordered.
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Total Saddle Fit Girth

The Shoulder Relief Girth™ actually changes the position and angle of the billets to prevent the saddle from interfering with the shoulder. The center of the girth is set forward to sit in the horse’s natural girth groove. While the sides of the girth are cut back to meet the billets 2 inches behind where the horse’s natural girth groove lies. This brings the billets from angling forward, to becoming perpendicular to the ground (in the case of a forward girth groove horse), which reduces the saddle’s tendency to be pulled forward into the shoulders. With horses that have shoulder interference without angled billets, it simply moves the billets back to keep the saddle farther away from the shoulders. The secondary benefit to this shape, is that it is cutback at the elbows. This gives more room for elbow movement as well, and prevents galls in the elbow area.

Stirrup straps & keepers

These stirrup straps are thin, yet very strong. Made from granite biothane, they'll hold up longer than leather but don't create a bump under your leg. Even better when you run the buckle at the bottom and use the handy keeper to put the excess strap neatly out of the way

English slip-on fenders

If you sometimes want the protection of a fender and sometimes want the freedom of riding with only a stirrup strap between you and your horse, the slip-on fender is a great option to save money as well add great convenience. These fenders will work best with Ghost or other thin biothane stirrup straps, not thick leathers. Standard length of the channel is 14" / 36cm. If you need longer, you can use stirrup strap keepers to hold the fenders higher, or order 2" / 5cm longer. If you're short, we can order 2" / 5cm shorter. I typically only have the standard size in stock.

Cavallin Puro

- Weighs under 10 pounds!
- The Cavallin Puro has a minimalistic seat/flap design, giving the rider freedom for seat and leg position. It's an excellent choice for Endurance, riders who must have a free and open seat, or people who value versatility and freedom of movement that knee blocks and thigh blocks might restrict. (although thigh blocks are an option)
The Puro attracts horse owners who want a very light saddle with an open seat similar to a bareback pad- but want to ride longer, faster, or harder than a bareback pad allows. The Puro feels like a supportive barebackpad with the same excellent horse protection and weight distribution offered by all Ghost saddles  along with a narrow twist and hip comfort. 
-The girthing system for the Puro has been widened with a triangular attachment; two straps attached wide to the GHOST base, narrowing to an  included,angled strap protector, which can be positioned up and down your horse's barrel to customize to the needs of the horse even for horse's with difficult conformation or motion. It has a low, virtually unnoticable profile under the rider's legs, which additionally improves stability in the open seat saddles.   -Test rides conducted in Poland proved that this created a closer contact with the horse, a very stable saddle with lots of scope for the rider. Fitting the Puro showed it remained versatile to Draft horses, Arabians, and Warmbloods, and the new girthing system aided rider safety and security in the saddle, even without thigh blocks. Comment: "This was our fastest ride ever! Main test horses felt so secure with his rider that he was faster and more athletic than he had ever been before. I felt secure and safe the whole time, even without thigh blocks, which I normally love!"
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