Components/Replacement Items

Replacement, upgrade, or extra saddle parts.

Here's a video if you are looking for a new base and wonder which is right for you.

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Saddle base

Replacement base - includes girth rigging, but not panels

Panels or Western Skirt

Panels for Ghost saddles - and can work for other saddles with loop-side velcro underneath. Price is for a pair of panels or the complete western skirt with integrated panels.
New option - XL velcro opening panels, great for those really wide horses, but may also provide more stability for slab sided horses. (NOT available - or needed - with Thick insert option) Panels for 16" seat run just over 20", for 17" seat is about 21", for 18" is a bit over 22". Important - the XL panels are 7" wide so you need to make sure your pad structure supports that! See more details below.

Girth rigging

Ghost now has several options for girth/cinch rigging. The original sliding V is great as it allows the rider to independently position the girth and saddle and the sliding V will move with the horse through all gaits. Any saddle may be ordered with cinch rigging, either nylon or leather covered nylon (some have commented the leather covered doesn't slide as well as the nylon). And now we've added the option for the Cavallin/Puro rigging for all saddles as well. This rigging is simple and in some cases more stable since it can't move as easily with the horse, but the rider can adjust the girth position by tightening one billet more than the other to create the desired angle.

New Ghost Seat

Most of the Ghost saddles have interchangeable seats as long as the seat size remains the same. Classic and Cavallin lines don't all transfer. This is a great way to have an entirely different saddle for summer vs winter or show ring vs trail or a synthetic seat for rainy weather. Prices start at $340, check individual model for associated price. If you want premium Julia or Nappa leather or other extras (link below) contact me to get total pricing and I'll send you to the invoice page for final payment.

Pad inserts

Replacement pad inserts for the Ghost pad. Original, older pads had 2cm, but now the 1cm is standard and 2cm is used for heavier riders or those who's horses have more prominent spines.

Buttera Pommel

Add or replace a Buttera pommel. If adding, it does work best with a Hidden Pommel base, but it has been done with the regular exposed pommel base.