Bua Demo FAQ

Here are some answers to questions people have asked while demoing a Bua. These may or may not pertain to you, 
but might be helpful to some.

Currently, the only seat size available is 17.5". Bua is nearing completion of developing a larger seat and will next work
on a smaller seat. If you need a 17", please let me know as I can insert a spacer under the seat foam which can't be 
seen or felt, but it does make a difference if you're smaller.

The angle of the panels automatically adjust to fit a wide range of horse shapes. See my test log for images. Bua is 
designed to handle high withers, so the pommel may appear high on a lower withered horse, but the panels are still
positioned low enough that you don't lose rider stability (which I find excellent!) or position of the panels in the best
weight bearing area of the horse's back.

Bua comes with dressage billets but I find them about 2" shorter than typical dressage billets, so pleast let me know if
you need a girth. I highly recommend a shaped, anatomical girth and Total Saddle Fit makes the best. Since Bua is 
also designed to sit behind the shoulder motion but the billets are somewhat centered (although on a sliding W, so 
movable and you can also choose a higher hole on one billets and they'll balance the tightness) so a horse with a 
forward girth groove will pull the saddle forward, losing that design benefit. The thing most riders notice is that their
horses move freer through the shoulder and those who grumped about banging into a hard tree are immediately

Bua panel inserts are easily accessible, so if you need to change fit for your horse or for your balance, please contact
me and we can discuss shims. 

My personal opinion is that the Bua twist is on the wide side although it does break in with some riding. I need a 
narrow twist and being the tinkerer I am, I changed the twist on my personal saddle. I have a couple demo saddles
that I've modified similarly. If you need a very narrow twist, let me know and we'll try to arrange it. I am also able to 
modify the twist (or tell you how) on your own saddle. Regardless of my opinion, 75% of people have been happy
with the Bua narrow twist, so this is likely only an issue if you already know it is!

Since I'm an endurance rider, I want as smooth a line under my legs as possible. So I ride with my stirrups through 
the flap channel. Some riders might prefer this, it won't work for others who need a wider range of motion while 
riding. But it is possible if needed.

Changing the cantilever is fairly simple, but looks a bit complicated. The easiest thing to say is to put the saddle on 
a sturdy stand and press down on the cantle to release the cam locks, then ratchet to the tightness you prefer. I 
think most people will prefer a tighter setting (which is how I try to send the demos) until they're ready to play. I
leave mine on the tightest setting I can get it to while sitting on my horse (my husband can go one notch farther).
That way I don't feel sloppy, but I still feel the shock absorption when I might lander harder than I want on my 
horse's back. Here's a video that might help.