Welcome to Badlands Equine - home of Ghost Saddles - USA!

Ghost saddles are a revolutionary treeless saddle that provides adjustbility for horse and rider, good weight distribution, a real twist even on wide horses, comfort and beauty for a reasonable price.

Something new from Ghost - fur saddles! Comfort, warmth when it's cold, cooling in the heat,  
feel like you're sitting on a cloud. Every saddle is unique.

Check out the Ghost model page for descriptions and pricing.

Since I enjoy testing both for Ghost and other products that my customers might want to use with their saddles
I have several things that I either don't need anymore or didn't work for my needs . . . AND . . . even some
saddles available for very good prices! Check out the USED Prototype & Demo Item page to grab a deal.

Current sale!

I am overstocked with pads! Half price pads (in stock only) with any saddle purchase, while quantities last. 


Here's a filly we bred - Csavannah - on a trail ride above the
Deschutes River near Tumalo Oregon. She's wearing a Ghost
Roma - and ready to get moving again. She has become a
cantering monster in the Ghost, much more willing to canter
than in her previous saddle!


If you have any questions or comments, please email Marlene 
or GhostTreelessUSA or call 541-588-0155. Feel free to join the
discussion on Facebook!





Last Updated: 9/22/2016