Brave - 4yo Kiger - $4500

Here are links to a couple videos with his trainer: Video1 video2

Brave is a 4yo dun Kiger gelding (papered) gathered in 2015. I adopted him as a yearling and he was super willing - we had a halter on him in 3 days. He's very friendly, loves to play with other horses and has shown lots of interest in going out on the trail and leading.

He's in the middle of 90 days of training with Kyle Hockett, so getting lots of despooking and ground basics as well as riding over obstacles, around cows, and just nice steady moving. He's been out on the trail and is great with complicated footing, he goes in whatever gait asked and moves steady without pulling. So far little spooks are just a slow down to look at something different.

The only reason I'm selling is because we have too many horses and really need to focus on some others for their endurance season and this is an important time for Brave to have consistent work. I think he'll make someone an exceptional trail horse, certainly a possibility for 25 mile endurance rides, beyond that, who knows!

Here are the pics I took of him as a yearling to get his registration, he's registered with the Kiger Horse Association & Registry # T-0817-SKD, DNA test shows 100% Kiger. His freezebrand # is 14022950.

Here are some pics of his early training

And with Kyle Hockett

Last Updated: 4/18/2018