Cavallin Pioneer

CAVALLIN Treeless Saddles, designers and manufacturers of the innovative
Ghost treeless saddle, are proud to introduce three exciting new models, the
Crusader, Heritage, and Pioneer. The Pioneer combines the Heritage's padded
pommel with the Crusader's seat style. The saddles have a narrow twist that's
comfortable for the rider and gives more of a 'treed' feel, although with a
much softer seat!
Extensive testing of the saddles has so far proven them to be very laterally
stable, often a problem with treeless. The saddles have the choice of sizes of
surface mounted velcro knee rolls.

The Pioneer is a bit of a mix between the Heritage and Crusader, plus the flaps have been moved back 1.5". I had this originally designed for me as to use the fixed stirrup attachment at the bottom of the flap, I needed it aligned with the equivalent position of the rear stirrup ring since I ride with a fairly straight leg and have a small foot.

Using the fixed stirrup attachment is best for people with longer legs however it works for me on my cranky mare who doesn't like any extraneous movement on her sides. Please discuss before ordering!


Last Updated: 2/14/2018
Cavallin Pioneer
Product: Cavallin Pioneer
Description: A combination of the Crusader and Heritage with a padded pommel, stitched seat. The flaps have been moved back 1.5" to align with the typical position of the rear stirrup ring for those who ride with a straighter leg and have a small foot.
Price: $900
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