SB Testing

I've finally gotten a chance to update my Scoot Boot page with some real world testing. I don't like selling any product I don't use and although I was very excited to try Scoot Boots, I got them right before our ride season began and that wasn't the right time to start putting miles on.

I did fit to a couple horses and let them run around in pasture with them (hmm, not a good idea with mouthy horses, they'll bite the straps off!) Once my young gelding had enough training to hit the trails, I fit him and now have about 40 miles on the boots.

The horse is Alamo, a 5yo Shagya with good sized feet. He tends to flare, so using boots is a good way to force me to trim him regularly to prevent the flares. He wears size 4 on the front and 3 on the rear. I can get the 3s on the fronts, but can barely connect the straps, so I've gone to 4s and they've stayed on perfectly, but I think they're a little loose for going faster. We're mostly trotting with some easy canters.

So I ordered some Scoot Boot Pads which raises his hoof in the boot for a perfect fit. We're using the endurance gaiter which seems to be doing a great job preventing any rubbing. I found after a few rides the glue didn't hold so I'm going to try a trick I saw on this video and add some extra padding with duct tape which will also keep the gaiter in place.

I'm impressed with the boots so far. The only damage he's done to them is breaking the knob off on one, probably banging it against a rock. He's young, still a bit clumsy! I plan to ride him with the boots all summer and we may make it to an LD endurance ride later in the year. If any of the other horses get a break, we'll switch them to the boots or else they'll go in them for the winter competition rest and hopefully start with them next season.

My boarder will be trying them on her mustang for a week camping/riding trip which will help her a lot since she's not had shoes on. So more updates coming!

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