Cavallin Crusader

CAVALLIN Treeless Saddles, designers and manufacturers of the innovative
Ghost treeless saddle, are proud to introduce three exciting new models, the
Crusader, Heritage, and Pioneer. The Crusader is slightly more traditional with
a hidden pommel. The saddles have a narrow twist that's comfortable for the
rider and gives more of a 'treed' feel, although with a much softer seat!
Extensive testing of the saddles has so far proven them to be very laterally
stable, often a problem with treeless. The saddles have the choice of sizes of
surface mounted velcro knee rolls.

The adjustable stirrup straps attach to a velcro pad that can be moved backwards or forwards under the saddle seat in order for the rider to find the most comfortable position for their riding style. The comfort of the horse is paramount and to this end, both saddles have thick adjustable panels to lift the saddle off the spine and provide wither clearance. In order to further protect the horse's back during heavier stirrup use or riding in a two point seat, the stirrup straps have the option of being attached to buckles at the bottom of the saddle flaps, thereby spreading the load between two areas. 

The Crusader can be ordered in all Ghost colors and materials, it's even possible to coordinate the base (standard black) with your seat color for a small extra fee. Additional options include large thigh block or small thigh block (angle adjustable with velcro attachment) or flat covering over the velcro.  See image below for color zone options and list colors in comments box when ordering.

Cavallin Crusader Large adjustable thigh block Comfy seat stitching  
Small adjustable thigh block Flat "block" covering Optional stirrup attachment  
Last Updated: 2/14/2018
Super comfy retro treeless
Product: Cavallin Crusader
Description: Retro styling with thigh block options
Price: $900
Seat Size  
Extra D rings  
Block shape  
Indicate color preferences if you select 2-tone or other.