It's time to clean house! I have a bunch of original Ghost pads (new pads just have an updated styling with new colors available, these are all black on top). These pads can work with many saddles, this is an amazing deal for a pocket pad. Most include inserts, some don't, most are new, some are lightly used. If you need to set something up for a horse who needs shims, contact me and we can do something for an extra cost.

18" Firenze (23" long, 19.5" flap length, 12.5" flap width, flap is angled forward for GP saddle)

used, blk wool, no inserts - $50
used sympanova, no inserts - $40

17" Roma (21.5" long, 18.5" flap length, 12.5" flap width, flap is straighter for dressage style saddle)

new, sympanova, no inserts - $50
new, sympanova - $60 (I have 2)
used, sympanova - $50

17" Barocco (21.5" long, 20" flap length, 14" flap width)

new, sympanova - $65 (I have 2)

Last Updated: 4/28/2018