Tether Ring

The TetherRing was originally designed to secure a horse to a high line and not slide. But this versatile tool does much more than that! The TetherRing makes it easy to Clip™ your horse nearly anywhere. Simply wrap it around a fence post, tree – really anything! – and Clip™ your horse to the durable ring.

The TetherRing has many more uses throughout the barn, in the garage, or anywhere that you can use some organization. Use The TetherRing to hang water buckets and hay bags, manage your garden hoses and ropes, and keep your tack room neat and orderly.

The TetherRing is available in Long (20″) and Short (10″). Colors may vary.

Last Updated: 3/31/2017
Product: TetherRing
Description: Perfect for tying anything anywhere!
Price: Choose length
TetherRing length