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BUA saddle in action on four very different horses! Holsteiner,
Quarter Horse, and two OTTBs!! It's been very popular at
our barn.

Beth's review at Eventing Nation

The day after the ride my horse's back looked great ... the saddle was one less thing he had to think about.

The saddle overall is a superb piece of engineering. The port Lewis impression pad testing ... clearly outlined this, as the cantilever design of the saddle properly distributed my weight over his back. 

... the GP flaps are great for endurance. Nice thigh blocks that are out of your way unless you need them, like on hills, or in battle, or attacking demon bogs.

Sarah's full review


Show pics coming when Marguerite competes in her personal saddle!

I have had horses for over 50 years, and in those years I have probably had 20 saddles (at least), western, english, treed, and treeless.  I have never had one that impacted my riding, my horse and my comfort level as much as this saddle.  I had another hard lesson today and my instructor said that she had never seen me ride better and that Magic looked like a million bucks. And the best thing... I had a 45 minute truck ride home and usually after a lesson like that followed by a long truck ride I would be crippled when I try to move around after I get back to the barn.  After riding in this saddle there is very little pain.  My back is tired but I don’t have the pain I used to have all the time.  And, Magic’s back feels great.  I always do some body work on him after a lesson and his back feels great plus he feels good the next few days as well.  In just the time that I have had this demo saddle his back has started muscling up.   So, I am thrilled and certainly looking forward to my own. 
Last Updated: 9/25/2017