The Clip

Our local trail group asked people to share tools and techniques that have been revolutionary in our horsey
life. For me, the answer was easy, it's The Clip. My favorite use is on a lead rope, but there are many other
ways to use it. See this video.

I have one horse that doesn't tie well, so I use a long yacht rope lead set to slide easily for her. As long as
she doesn't feel trapped if she does spook or jump at something, she's beautifully behaved at the trailer.
But I use The Clip for all my horses when trailering. One of my trailers has fairly high dividers and I have
little horses who like to look underneath and pester each other. I have another horse that wants to rub on
me if I spend too much time fiddling with a knot.

So we can walk into the trailer, clip in 1 second and close the divider. For unloading, if you've got a horse
that might pull back or get fussy if you take too long, unclip in a second, then clip the horse to the trailer
for saddling. 

If you don't need The Clip on your lead, it can be removed quickly as well. There's a tension screw so you
can set how easily the lead will slide. I use the same set up for my horse that pulls back as the others,
there's still enough tension that a horse who respects the tie can't slide out easily. 

The main reason I've had to keep spare Clips around is because people see them and want to borrow them
until they can buy their own. So I'm very happy to be able to carry them and help people out faster! Stock
should be available shortly!


Last Updated: 5/28/2017
The Safe Cip
Product: The Clip
Description: The safest way to tie your horse!
Price: $23.50