Order Scoot Boots

Once you've measured your horse's hooves, you can order Scoot Boots and accessories here. I am still building stock, but currently have sizes 00-4 available and will be ordering Slims in 2 & 3 as well as Skins in several sizes. You are also welcome to place an order for any size that I will add to my next Scoot Boot order, both boots and accessories. They'll be shipped to you Priority Mail as soon as they arrive.

Note: Scoot has raised their prices by $15/pair so I had to increase prices as well. I'll try to keep it to only a $10 increase.

Each pair of Scoot Boots comes with:
o Four pairs of pastern straps in Black, Aqua , Purple, Neon Green
o Two spare Black front closure straps
o Four spare rivets plus screws
o Two spare knob hooks plus screws
o One pair Trail Gaiters

If you need to order single boots, they'll come with:
o One pair of extra pastern straps in misc color (you may request in the
comment box in case your choice is available, one black pastern strap
o One spare Black front closure strap
o Two spare rivets plus screws
o One spare knob hooks plus screws
o One Trail Gaiter
Please ask for availability as I try to avoid splitting pairs

Scoot Boot Skins are the perfect glue-on solution for endurance
riders or others who need boots to stay on long term

Skins have no straps, hardware or heel bulb structure

Visit the Scoot Boot site for several great videos on tools needed, 
application, and removal of Scoot Boot Skins

Follow Vyshtia on YouTube for many excellent videos on her Scoot 
Boot experiences, including Skins through an endurance ride







Last Updated: 5/14/2018
Scoot Boots
Product: Scoot Boots (pair)
Price: $175
SB Size  

Scoot Boot
Product: Scoot Boot (single)
Price: $90
SB Size  

Scoot Boot Skins
Product: Glue-on Scoots
Description: Scoot boot skins, price per pair
Price: $80
SB Size