Endurance Saddle

The Bua is becoming more popular with endurance riders in Europe and the US. Endurance riders
might choose either the straight flap/blocks of the dressage saddle or the more forward flap and
blocks of the GP, but extra dee rings are a must!

All saddles come with front dees on the flap, but they are moved out and more accessible to
attach gear on the endurance model. It also comes with 3 rings solidly attached to the tree, one
on the rear for a crupper, two on the front for attaching a breast collar or other storage gear. Plus
two additional rings are attached to the rear of the flap for saddle bags.

Jumping flaps are less typical for endurance, but both jumping flap options (blocks vs no blocks)
can be chosen as well.

All kitted out for competition!

Saddlebags and sheepskin cover are examples,
not included with the saddle!

Last Updated: 1/18/2018
Endurance Saddle
Product: Bua Endurance
Description: Bua saddle set up for endurance riding
Price: $2850
Flap style  
BUA leather color  
Textile color  
BUA leather finish  
BUA panels