Hoof Boots

Stace has been doing barefoot trimming and some shoeing since we were educated by a pair of mustangs as to what a healthy foot looked like about 15 years ago. Up to that point, we'd either had a farrier shoe or trim our horses, but we were leaning toward keeping our horses barefoot as much as possible.

We jumped into using Easy Boots and were always fans of the original boots. Along with the tack business (Moss Rock Endurance) I owned at the time, I offered EasyCare products and loved being able to use the original boots and then see the progression toward gaitered boots and glue ons. Once we recognized what we wanted our horses feet to look like and how we wanted them to function, we started trimming on our own.

We were fortunate to live near Gene Ovnicek, incredible farrier and the inventor of Natural Balance shoes. These shoes did a great job allowing a horse to have close to natural foot motion while shod. So once a year, we'd take a couple horses to Gene, one we'd trimmed and one that needed a trim and maybe we had questions about how to approach that horse's differences. Gene always approved of our work and also encouraged us to compete barefoot - a great thing to hear from someone who invented a steel shoe!

After watching a particularly slow farrier put shoes on one of our horses, Stace decided he was ready to tackle shoeing. We had great advisers around us, most trained by Gene. This was great in that we could now shoe our own horses when needed, pull shoes as soon as possible, and really feel like we were doing the best for each individual horse.

When we jumped into owning a horse boarding facility, Stace took his farrier work to the next level, offering services to our clients. This gave us even more insight into various hoof problems and solutions. We were also able to combine my saddle fitting clinics with farriery since sometimes, horses with back issues have an underlying hoof issue.

With our move to Oregon and the ability to ride, ride, ride. Stace has kept the number of clients small, preferring barefoot trims, but will also shoe if needed. We can also help people decide if they're interested in hoof boots. We've used Easy Care products and Renegades in the past and they've done well, but neither were working for our environment, especially to make things easy with our busy schedules. So now we're using Scoot Boots and EVO Boots. I love the slim profile of Scoot Boots and their simplicity just seems like something that should have been developed a long time ago. They're especially good with very healthy, well-balanced feet. The EVO boots are amazing, more forgiving for irregular, imperfect, or even recovering hoof shapes because of the ability to adjust the length with the heel bulb shield. Both are easy to put on and remove. And best of all, neither have velcro which sadly doesn't work in our soft, sandy conditions.

Last Updated: 7/20/2017