TSF Shoulder Relief Girth



The Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief girth is an amazing product. I currently
stock their synthetic dressage girth, but english/jumping versions are
available in leather. The girth allows a horse with a forward girth groove to
have a saddle sitting in a proper position with the tree behind the shoulder
action, thus no discomfort or restriction on stride length. There is als a curve
behind the elbows for further comfort.

Bua saddles have dressage billets, so choose length accordingly.

The material contacting the horse is anti-microbial, easy to clean, and
padded. Stainless steel buckles are connected with elastic on both ends. 

Just ask if you are interested in black or brown leather versions for either
english or jumping length girths (40" - 60")

Last Updated: 4/26/2017
Total Saddle Fit Synthetic English Girth
Product: TSF Synthetic English Girth
Description: Shoulder relief girth made by Total Saddle Fit.
Price: $90
Girth length