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Seat twist - The difference in twist is created via padding, so the standard twist is wider, but still soft and conforming. Typically, GP and Jumping riders will choose the standard twist and dressage and endurance riders will choose the narrow, but this is all a matter of personal taste and anatomy.

 Narrow twist Standard twist

Extra dees - depending upon your discipline, horse, and riding style, you may prefer to add extra dees. They can be incorporated into the flap, so you may not need them for dressage, but would for jumping. They are placed mostly under the flap, so barely visible when not used. 

Dees on the back of the flap (1 pr) - $50
Dees on the tree (1 rear center, 1 pair front) - $50

pics  coming soon!

Panel - panels may be custom ordered standard, thicker, or with front or rear shims to balance the rider for different horse conformations

Textile colors

Last Updated: 2/13/2018