General Purpose Saddle

The General Purpose saddle is great for riders who don't specialize in either
dressage or jumping, but want the ability to do a little of both. It's also a 
good choice for casual trail riders or endurance riders who ride with a slightly
shorter stirrup or like to hop over logs.

Both stirrup bar positions are available to suit immediate activity or personal
anatomy and riding style.

Great security with a knee roll and block on the back of the flap as well. Seat
options include narrow (typical for dressage or endurance) or standard twist.
Saddles can be ordered with 3 dees on the tree (crupper and breast collar) 
and a rear pair on the flap.

Brown leather / green textile 
 Blue leather / gray textile
 Black leather / orange textile
Last Updated: 10/24/2017
BUA General Purpose
Product: BUA General Purpose
Description: General purpose saddle with slightly angled flaps
Price: $2750
BUA leather color  
Textile color  
BUA leather finish  
BUA extra dees on flap  
BUA dees on tree  
BUA panels