Dressage Special

18" wide tree Dressage Special

Used, but in great condition, nearly new looking. This is one of the older models with the "swedged" seat skirt, which provides a smoother line under the leg. Stirrup position is adjustable and straps can be run over or under the flap.

The saddle is widely adjustable for the horse and can work for medium to fairly wide shouldered horses. The shoulder angle is adjustable as well as the front-to-back balance for the rider. The panels also move with the horse throughout the stride. Horse's who have shortened their stride to avoid hitting a solid tree love these saddles and will often stride and canter better than ever instantly.

Because the panel floats over the shoulder motion and can bridge hollows, these saddles are probably the best there is to help a horse recover from muscle loss behind the shoulders.

This saddle is a black Dressage Special (also suitable for endurance for those who ride with a long leg) with dressage billets. It comes with two sets of pads, wool and white dressage square, a set of older albion leathers and either some nylon EasyCare trail stirrups or english irons.

Price - $1500 plus shipping. 
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(831) 2334-9080

Last Updated: 11/27/2016