Avashar Solitare - 9yo mare, SOLD


Ava is 9yo, 14.1H (but don't tell her that, she thinks she's much bigger). She's got 670 endurance miles, including two 75s and 380 LD miles. She also got a Sandybaar Award in 2015 (10 consecutive completions in one season).

She takes incredibly good care of herself on the trail, she'll drink out of anything and eat about anything. I've never had to electrolyte her although I've given a couple 1/4 doses on some long, hot rides just because I thought I should. She gets very good vet scores and recovers quickly - and has gotten first place on LDs because of that. She loves to trot in hand, stands well for the vet - I've had a vet tell me to tie her to his trailer, he'd be happy to take her home.

Ava goes well in a bosal or a bit. She can be excitable at the start of a ride, but nothing silly, just prancing. I've ridden her alone or with others (she can be a little worried about others overtaking her and pin her ears, but she can ride in a group). Ava isn't scared of much, she's always the horse that can stomp right past something that other horses just panicked over. At the Antelope Island ride she split a herd of buffalo and just dared them to bother her. She is pretty competitive if she sees horses in front of her. Her best pacing is out of eyesight of the front runners, then she just does her own pace all day.

Her trot is very smooth, her canter is nice too although she prefers to trot. Her walk is a bit slow, but she can also do a great jog. Ava will self load into any trailer - leave the door open, she'll be in it. She travels well, eats in the trailer, drinks at rest stops. Ava is the horse that will come running any time someone approaches her fence, always wants to go for a ride. 

The ONLY reason I'm selling her is because my husband finally has the perfect horse for him and we prefer to ride together, but the two horses just don't pace well together. So it's either tedious working it out or unfair to ask Ava keep up when the other horse is 6" taller with much longer legs. The funny thing is that she actually goes faster when I manage to her pace alone.

Ava is priced at $4000, preferably to an endurance home.

Ava at 5yo Ava at 9yo  
Front legs Hind legs See, she can stand still!

Last Updated: 4/13/2018