Pico - 9yo gelding, SOLD


Pico is a 9yo registered Egyptian arab gelding. He is very sweet, loves to play with toys and be with people. He can go out on the trail alone or with a group, he rarely spooks and has a lovely canter. He'll hop right into the trailer and eats and drinks well during competitions. He's 14.3H. He can go bitless although he carries himself better with a bit.

Pico has done 5 LD rides and 35 miles of a 50. He could do 50s, but he needed a bit more hill work before attempting the Pacific Crest ride with a superstar mountain climber! I haven't done a good job conditioning him prior to rides, so we've taken things slowly. This spring he's done a 25 and a tough 30 at Mt. Adams and came through beautifully, moving strong all day.

His feet do require proper management. He's high/low, not because of a contracted tendon, but because he has the habit of scissoring, one foot alway in front of the other when eating  from the ground. Something that would have started when he was young and since it wasn't managed then, of course now  his conformation has followed the angles of the respective feet. He actually has great feet, they're just different angles. And although you can see a difference in stride length when he walks, he trots evenly and will canter on both leads. Using a wedge pad would make him even at the walk.

Pico would love a home where he was primary horse, not relegated to second or third backup since he's not the squeaky wheel. He would probably try a lot of things, but trail is what he's best at. He can do the nose to tail trail ride, but he does have a good walk speed and loves to trot and canter. He's quite safe for most riders, but he'd be happier if he does get to trot occasionally. He's not afraid of cows.

I want to find him a great home with someone who will overlook his imperfections (he's also got some scaring on his legs from an old fence encounter, but it's only visual) and love him for what he is - and appreciate that there aren't many arabs of this age with such a sensible mind. I love riding him, but I'm pretty focused on working toward 100 mile rides including Tevis and I don't think that would be in his future. I would consider offers and can also put together a Ghost saddle package for a reduced price if the buyer needed a saddle as Pico does go very well in the Ghost treeless. Contact me at 541-588-0155 or email.

Last Updated: 4/13/2018