Christ Lamfelle Bareback Pad

German-made sheepskin fellsattel:

The Christ bareback pad allows the rider to sit in stable close contact to their horse. The luxurious sheepskin provides comfort for horse and rider. There is removable padding on either side of the spine for protection of the horse which comes on all models. They also have stirrup rings to aid in balance but aren't intended for long-term riding with significant weight in the stirrups. All are availble in two sizes - Pony & Full, and three colors - Black, Brown, & Natural.

I currently have a Black/Full Premium Plus in stock. Once it's sold, I will order more as requested but I also recommend the new Ghost Mandriana Bareback Pad. It has some similarities to the Christ Premium Plus, but also has a standard cantle for additional security and adjustable stirrup hangers to ensure your stirrups always hang where you need them for those quick balance checks.

There are 3 models.
The Basic Plus is minimalistic in style and the sheepskin seat is fixed to the substructure. $440. 

The Premium Plus has thigh rolls for added security and the sheepskin seat can be unzipped. $500

Natural Black Brown

The Iberica Plus has square Spanish-style flaps, a padded pommel and cantle for security and comfort. $590

Last Updated: 1/2/2018
Sheepskin bareback pad
Product: Christ Bareback Pad
Description: Luxurious sheepskin bareback pad made by Christ Lamfelle in Germany
Price: see description
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