Prototype and demo items

Here are several items I've used for testing that I don't need anymore or weren't what I was looking for. Occasionally there will also be bargain Ghost saddles. Contact me at if you're interested in anything.

Acavallo Gel pad, brand new, never used

Regularly $95, yours for $85 plus shipping
Barefoot leathers - gorgeous leather, nylon backed, nice
buckle and keepers.
Brand new, 3 brown, 1 black

Regularly $95, yours for $75 plus shipping
Quilted cotton pad, never used, but this was a Thinline pad and I cut the Thinline inserts off to put into a pocket pad, otherwise perfectly usable.

$35 plus shipping
Wool riser pad
Never used, just gathered some dust in my house. Nice wool bottom, riser pieces velcro for the perfect position

$65 plus shipping

Toklat English pad
Brand new, in zipper bag
Contoured, superquilt

Regularly $65, yours for $50 plus shipping


Riding boot with soft sides
Made by Camillo Cavallin, Ghost designer
Fine leather, excellent craftmanship. Prototype I planned to test and love, but they're just a bit small for me. I wear a 7 and can just barely get them on because of my high arches. So best for 6.5, narrow or low arch foot to have room for a footbed which these don't have. 

Regularly $95, yours for $40 plus shipping


Leather riding boot, same description asabove

Regularly $95, yours for $40 plus shipping


Comfort panels

These are mostly brand new panels, designed for riders who might have hip issues or are riding very wide horses and need the contour
of a narrower panel under their leg. This was the original design and I've since upgraded many of the demo saddles to the Panel+ for
additional weight distribution for endurance or higher impact riding.

Since these are just sitting in my house, they are available for a very low price of $25 plus shipping. Regularly $85. This may be a great option for someone who rides a couple differently shaped horses and need to shim for one. It might be easier to swap out panels. Or if you just want to stock up in case your panel inserts wear out over time.

Last Updated: 11/8/2017