Ghost Fur Saddle

We're excited to offer the new Ghost fur saddles! They're made with real sheepskins, every one unique. These are from European sheep who live a good life on green pastures, not in nasty feedlots. This site shows options available. The exact skin can't be guaranteed, but we can choose one closest to your favorite.

I took this beautiful Cagliari style (long flap) which is based on the Roma with straighter thigh blocks on a 25 mile endurance ride on my little mare Csavannah. I can hardly wait to go out for a ride in shorts. I've ridden on hot days and I don't feel the wool is warmer than leather. In fact, when mostly walking/jogging, it's cooler as the wool breathes. For trotting/cantering, your mileage may vary depending upon how much you get out of the seat, but I didn't feel this was any warmer than a typical full seat cover, but the comfort difference was huge! And this is more stable because it's not a moveable cover, so everything is nice and stable.

At the start of the Outback Hallelujah ride After 38 miles, the fur has molded
around my legs and rear. It was
quite cool too!
This is after a little touch-up brushing
with a cat brush. As good as new!

Here are a couple Maremmas (short flap), one cut for a mid-length flap Florac, on the other, the edges were allowed to run loose for a wild Mongolian saddle look! One good option would be for the recessed/hidden pommel.




Last Updated: 3/30/2017
Custom sheepskin saddles
Product: Ghost Fur Saddle
Description: Luxurious sheepskin saddles, every one unique! Choose the Cagliari for a fitted look over thigh blocks or the Maremma for a wild look with random edges without blocks.
Price: $1000
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