Ghost USA - Western

Ghost is now offering a western saddle! Revolutionary feel and support, an english twist in a western
saddle! The saddle is beautifully made with tooling on the skirt and fenders and lovely stitching on
the seat. The fender is soft and pliable and works for riders from 5'3" to 6'. The stainless steel horn
has an etched horse and is beautiful, but if you don't need a horn, you can order without. The rigging
may be ordered english or western. More options may be available - just ask!

Base price without horn or seat stitching is $1165. It is also possible to order with the standard Ghost thigh blocks for incredible security
for $25 in either dressage (straight) or GP (angled). Keep in mind, this is a treeless saddle, the horn is decorative, not for roping or dallying. 

We are working on finalizing the accessory package. A pad is available that fits under the skirting (length is 66cm/26" for 18",
62cm/24.5" for 17") for $150. A cinch will be available, price TBD. If you use english rigging, the standard Ghost girth or your own will work.
NOTE: seat sizing is english, so a 15" western would be 17" english, 16" western would be 18".

The fenders work with a 2.5" top bar stirrup. Ghost will have beautiful stainless stirrups with etching available soon. Shorter people should
measure their inseam, I'm 5'2" with 27" inseam to ankle bone and use the shortest setting on my narrow horse. If you're shorter or ride with
a short leg, we'll need to order a shorter fender.

See color zone & materials to create your own pattern.

Ghost USA - chocolate brown oiled nubuck,
stainless horn, fenders, seat stitching, conchos

Gorgeous detail Plus leather ties and D rings

2-tone leather western with Quevis blocks

Our horse Topper looks pretty good western!

Pretty comfy!

On this horse I could ride with a wool saddle blanket


Last Updated: 2/27/2018
Western saddle
Product: Ghost USA - Western
Description: Ghost Western saddle - available with or without horn, lovely tooling on fenders, stitching on the seat, and a rounded skirt.
Price: $1165
Seat Size  
Seat stitching  
Skirt lining  
Girth rigging  
Extra D rings  
Indicate color preferences if you select 2-tone or other.