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Customer comments and photos

From Ghost's UK/French dealer Lou at Equine Whispers:

The Ghost Italy held its own!! It totally performed and withheld all the vigorous riding and jumping that Thomas - the big and keen 16.1hh Irish Draught cross and I did!! I felt completely secure (very important thing that!) I did a saddle check before and after, and saddle remained fully sound!

It is comfortable (once it has 'given in' from new). It didn't move, and it kept me secure and in good seat position for type of riding.

On removal of saddle, the sweat marks were clear and showed fairly good symmetrical and equal pressure while maintaining spinal clearance. To withstand this kind of riding it must be excellent, and that, I have to say, it is.

I am a very happy customer 
Claire and Thomas

Photography by Sharon Thayer Photography
Ghost Italy -

Jala completes the Tevis 100 mile ride!


3 months prior to Tevis, I was having serious saddle fit issues.  We had tried every treed saddle
we had in two different households and nothing was fitting as it should.  There was only one
saddle left to try, my friends Ghost saddle.  I was very hesitant about trying it.  I have not had
good experiences with treeless in the past.  And I knew that during Tevis I would get tired and
depend on my saddle to spread weight evenly when I couldn’t.

The ghost fit her and I was actually pretty comfortable also.  I rode in it for two lessons and out
on training rides. No issues noticed.

The next big test was a 50 mile ride at Renegade.  Lots of ups and downs.  She came out of that
ride 2nd, and with all A’s for her back/withers on her vet card.  Ok, looks like the Ghost treeless
will get me through at least the 1st 2/3 of Tevis.  Yes, I’m still skeptical that I can complete a full
grueling 100 miles in a treeless.

The day of Tevis arrives and we start in the Ghost.  1st hold - Robinson Flat, all A’s on back and
withers.  2nd hold - 64 miles in, Forest Hills.  I was planning on switching out to a treed saddle,
but her back and withers were still all A’s.  I’m not changing anything if it’s not broke.  Finish line,
yes, I finished :).  100 Tevis miles, 23 hours 52 minutes, and still all A’s on back and withers.

For those of you that are looking for comfort for both you and your horse, give the Ghost a try. 
I’m glad I did.  I’m getting my own Ghost now.  My girlfriend wants hers back.


Sarah and her Haflinger:

I rode in the saddle today and absolutely love it
for my position! I wasn't sure what to expect
coming out of the box because it is a bit alien
looking haha.  Puts my leg in a great spot and
the twist is perfect.

I attempted cantering my cranky princess
haflinger tonight. He usually bucks HARD in
treed saddles any time i ask him to canter. I
wanted to wait until i had safety stirrups before
I tried just in case i got sent flying. His first 2
canter departs he bolted a bit but didn't buck,
after that all of his canter departs were smooth
and willing. Very very good sign i'd say!! I'm
hoping the little bolts were anticipating pain,
then when he realized it wasn't going to hurt
him his canter departs were BEAUTIFUL. I
love my position in it too! So excited!

Isn't this a lovely pair?

So I've had the Roma for a few days and I
absolutely LOVE it. The seat size is perfect
and my horse is very cold backed and he
moved beautifully in it without protest. He
also is really sensitive when it comes to
billets on his sides so the billet strap
protectors worked great. I love the
adjustability of the rigging system too since
his girth groove is set fairly forward. The
minute I sat in the saddle I knew it wasn't
going to set me as wide as my current
treeless. I fiddled around with it WTC, got
a couple of good bucks, and was happy to
see that the saddle stayed in place nicely.
I'm just tickled about this saddle. After
being so miserable with hip pain (and I'm
only 23! Ha!) I can't wait to start the new
2016 season with better comfort for me
and my horse.

Trail riding in Washington

Haven't had many opportunities with the
horrible storms we've had, have enjoyed the few rides we've gotten in!

I am using the seat inserts you sent, thank
you so much for them. I think we have found
the correct combination for us, we went up
some really steep slippery stuff yesterday,
with a few leaps included, saddle stayed put! So did I, lol.

I took the padding out of the pad for her,
the saddle has plenty.

Getting a lot of questions from riding buddies, hoping to send some business
your way.

"By the way, today one of my mares got excited and leaped up with all four feet off the ground, and then kicked
both hind legs out sideways.  It felt very twisty and crazy but I didn't move an inch out of the saddle, and the
saddle didn't move either.  Not sure how it can be more secure than a treed saddle, but it is.  :) 
Rebekah – Oregon

And from around the world! 

From the Netherlands:

As promised here the picture of my Ghost.
I'm still very happy with this delightful saddle
every day!

We now ride M1 dressage with the Ghost and
it's super, have a lot of support and hopefully
there will be many more successes with this

Here's a link to an Irish rider's blog and the several 
saddles she tried before finding a Ghost Quevis. 

There's a great 18 page article you can download -
a great informative site overall! 


Marlene, thank you for all your ideas, help,
and genuine support.

I have my horse back. She is lifting her back
and building a topline. She is moving freely and
fully extended, and is no longer pinning ears or
kicking out.

I never thought I could ride in a treeless saddle.
THIS one, I can ride in. Way cool!



I wanted to take the time to thank Marlene for her help in purchasing my
Ghost Lorica Firenze. She was fabulous to work with and took the time to
answer my many questions. She custom fit the shims to help with my
mare's downhill build. The saddle is super comfortable with a narrow twist
and works great with my mare's awkward shoulders. This is the only saddle
I have used on my mare that does not roll, even when mounting from the
ground. Very happy with my purchase, thank you Marlene!


"I have had four other brands of treeless saddles and
my new Ghost saddle is the most comfortable by far! 
I love that I could pick out my own synthetic colors and
have some fun with it (thank you, Marlene and Don!). 
It fits both of my Rocky Mountain Horse mares perfectly, too."

  This lovely lavender & brown Castello Roma
with Dragon accents goes beautifully with
the dappled horse!

Finally got to use our new saddle at a ride. Andy and I completed
the 50 at the Greenway Getaway in less than 6:30 ride time. He
is now able to actually canter and gallop without throwing in a
buck or a spook at undetermined intervals. Every time I use it
on him he gets better and better. We came in 12 out of 27. If I
had remembered his easyboots, we might have top-ten’d.
Thanks so much!

I received my Ghost saddle on Friday and rode in it on Saturday
and again today. I am in love!!! I haven't cantered Kit in a while
and I felt so secure when he did his little buckaroo. lol 

Thanks so much for the detailed instructions and
info you sent with the demo saddle/items! After a
couple of short rides in the Roma, I have to say
it's the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden
in :) My OTTB gelding Max seems to think so as
well. He moves much easier in this saddle,
especially up and down hills. I noticed a big
difference in his willingness to move forward in the
Roma, compared to my AP English. Princess also
seems to like it, though she is generally much easier
to fit than Max, and doesn't have the stiffness/muscle
loss like him. Overall, I'm very happy with this saddle!


We both LOVE our Ghost Quevis saddle! So comfortable for both of us and so secure
for me. Thank goodness it is super light weight. I had both a front and back pack
attached making it almost too heavy for me to lift on to her!

55 mile endurance ride

Congratulations to Becky and Tuesday - they were one of only 3 horse/rider team
that complete the Old Dominion 100, Vermont 100, and Maine 100 in 2017. 
Amazing achievement!


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