Pommel Bolster

For horses that are either downhill or feel downhill in the area the saddle wants to sit, Ghost has made a nice pommel bolster. It's a wedge shape so you can move it forward and back to achieve the desired lift. You might need one if you feel an arch in your back or feel tipped forward. Feel free to send pictures from the side of you riding or your horse without a saddle if you'd like some advice in this matter. Check out the bottom of the "Fitting a Ghost" page for the effectiveness of the bolster.

To put in place, pull the velcro strip at the front of the saddle that goes between the panels, then tug the seat over one or both of the upper front Dees, peel back the seat and position the bolster. Place even with the pommel for a lesser effect or back an inch or so for a bigger effect.

Pommel under seat Forward placed bolster Rearward placed bolster
Last Updated: 12/11/2015
Pommel bolster
Product: Pommel bolster
Description: Need a lift in your seat?
Price: $20