Seat reducers

I have used the seat size labels of 16", 17", and 18" because that's what english riders are used to in the US. This is really
just a close approximation as saddles made in Europe use centimeters and there isn't a true dimension on the Ghost to
measure 17" on. Ghost uses the labels Bambini (16"), Piccolo (17"), and Standard (18"), but that's been confusing for some
so I decided to stick with what people are used to.

So what does this mean for choosing a seat size? The Piccolo feels very close to a true 17" although the straight blocks of
the Roma and Quilty might feel a tad small to some. The angled blocks give about 1/4" of additional thigh space for the
same seat size. The Standard seat is a bit bigger than 18". Great news for the longer legged or larger rider who like a bit of
room, but not for the rider who feels just a bit tight in the 17". They might be swimming in the 18". Although having two
stirrup hanging positions can solve this, I decided to come up with some additional customization.

The 16" seat is just under an inch smaller, so for a significantly smaller feel, the seat reducers along with a pommel bolster
can be used to create a 15" seat for children. Ghost makes a nice seat reducer and I've made felt versions in 1/4" and 1/2"
that are great for either a growing child or customizing seat size in 1/4" increments as they can be used alone or together.

Ghost seat reducer Placed under seat Felt seat reducers (1/4" & 1/2")

Here are some pics for comparison with me sitting in an 18" Firenze. First, as it comes from Italy, then with a 1/4" insert,
followed by a 1/2" insert, and finally both together for 3/4"". I wish we'be been able to get the angle exactly the same in
each pic, but hopefully  you can see the difference. I could clearly feel it! After we finished with the pics, I went off on a very
comfortable 5 mile ride over technical terrain (no trail, lots of rock!) with my boy who hadn't been ridden in a month except
for the last time I tested a Ghost on him for a few minutes. (good news is that he remembered he liked it and didn't squirm
to avoid the saddle!)

 NOTE: pics below are only with my homemade felt spacers, taken before the nice velcroed Ghost version was available.

no insert 1/4" 1/2" 3/4"
Last Updated: 5/23/2017
Ghost seat reducer
Product: Ghost seat reducer
Price: $20
Nice velcroed and cushy wedge to reduce seat size if you're between seat sizes or want the flexibility to have a smaller person use your saddle comfortably.

Felt cantle spacers
Product: Felt cantle spacers
Description: Perfect solution if you're between seat sizes or occasionally have a child or smaller person use your saddle. 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses give you multiple options. Price is for a pair, one of each thickness. NOTE - this isn't a Ghost product, so only available in the US.
Price: $10