Fallis endurance saddle - SOLD

Fallis Balanced Endurance saddle.  #3156.  Maker- John M Fallis - https://fallisbalancedsaddles.com/.  I think it was made in the late 1990's.  They are now in Idaho.  Saddle particulars-   Seat is 15 inches or so.  Total length is 24.5 to 25 inches.  Weight is 22.8 Lbs w/out girth. $1000 

Note from Marlene: I saw this saddle at a saddle fitting and was very impressed by the design. The girth rigging is balanced and it looks like a very comfortable saddle. It's in excellent condition. These saddles are  hard to find and this one's well worth the price.

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Last Updated: 11/9/2015