Free'n'Easy Saddles

Free'n'Easy saddle are temporarily out of production, so not
available new in the US. If you'd like to learn more about
the benefits of a floating panel saddle, please visit the
Free'n'Easy site or contact me. I was the US dealer for
many years and still have an Endurance model. They are
brilliantly designed. There are occasionally used saddles
available in the US or Europe and I will pick them up to sell
here when I can, or help people sell theirs by listing on this
site as well.

If you want to list yours here, use the form to the right.
The ad will stay up until you tell me to remove it and buyers
will be directed to you.

If you are unable to find a used FnE, you might consider
looking at Reactor Panel saddles. They are nicely made and
offer many options for horse and rider. For those of you in
Central Oregon contact Celena Pentrack.





Last Updated: 5/18/2017
Used Saddle Listing
Product: Used Saddle Listing
Description: Send an email with description, contact information, and pics.
Price: $5