A gorgeous and comfortable - as well as secure - option on the short flap Ghost models is full wool, or Agnello. These saddles are reasonably priced as well. A recent post from a customer on Facebook: Ghost Quevis with Agnelo seat - two words - bum bliss!!! ;-) 

Base price is $535 for Florac, +$55 for Quevis/Quilty

The Accessory Package includes saddle pad, girth, and stirrup
straps, for a great savings.

Note: we don't recommnd agnello Roma or Firenze, as moving legs
and boots will wear the lower portion of the wool flap over time. 

We highly recommend choosing the sheepskin option on the model
of your choice for best lasting quality, particularly for Roma and 



Last Updated: 1/4/2018
Accessory package for Quilty, Quevis, Florac
Product: Accessory Package Q/Q/F
Description: Accessory package (pad, girth, stirrup straps & keepers) for short flap models Quilty, Quevis, and Florac
Price: $205
Bottom of pad material  
Pad color  
Girth length  
Girth Upgrade to TSF  
Stirrup strap length  
Available only with saddle purchase.