Mandriana Bareback Pad

New from Ghost! A completely redesigned Bareback Pad - the Ghost Mandriana line. Similar in concept to the Christ Lamfelle BBP with luxurious sheepskin but with a real cantle for security. The perfect solution for those who prefer something in between a too simple BBP and the structure of a treeless saddle. Pommel roll at front, grab handle for carrying or stabilizing balance. Prices will start at $550. 

Note: The bareback pad isn't suited for heavy riding with weight in the stirrups. It's designed to add security to the wonderful sensation of riding in close contact with your horse. Stirrups are best used for occasional balance checks. 
UPDATE: I've done some testing with a pressure sensor pad with this bareback pad and it's really unlike any BBP I've ever seen. Incredibly supportive and pressure scans show extremely good weight distribution. Even posting there's only a minimal level of pressure and it's not a spot pressure at the stirrup mounting, but still spread a bit. And there's an excellent spine channel in the scans as well. Details - I'm weighing around 140 pounds now and I would easily go do 15+ miles with a combination of walk, trot, canter in this saddle. My pickly little mare liked it too!

Mandriana Quadro in brown sheepskin
 - longer, square flap
Mandriana Rotondo in gray sheepskin
 - shorter, rounder flap (gray not available)
Mandriana Quadro in exclusive sheepskin
 - prices may vary
Mandriana base - real cantle for security Bottom of base Pad inserts for spine clearance
Stirrup hanger - adjustable Pad and girth rigging Bottom of pad (wool blend)



Last Updated: 3/29/2018
Mandriana Bareback Pad
Product: Bareback Pad
Description: Luxurious and secure bareback pad
Price: $550
BBP shape  
Seat Size  
Extra D rings