Panels only for Ghost saddle

There are now several options for the panels. The original panel shape was designed to go with the narrower twist of Ghost saddles and to ensure comfort for those with narrower hips or hip problems. We added a wider panel to distribute weight even better, especially for heavier or distance riders (Panel+). I highly recommend this panel for everyone unless you have hip issues and are riding a wide horse. I have some original panels with thinner, non-stiff foam for a reduced price, otherwise these need to be ordered.


Above - original panel
Below - new, weight distributing panel

In addition to now using an even better composite foam which distributes weight well, performs the same across all temperature ranges, and recovers at the speed your horse moves, we have a couple additional layers for weight distribution and to accomodate small shape chages as well as ensure a clear spine channel with heavier riders.

There is also a nylon foritification layer that can be added for harder use riders like endurance or back-country trekkers. It further increases weight distribution. I particularly like this layer for those who stay in one position when riding (2-point for miles of trotting) or sitting back for long hours on a gaited horse. It's recommended for all panels unless the horse has a dippy back or transitions quickly from a narrow wither to a very broad back. In those cases, the rigidity can be too much. These panel options may need to be ordered as it is a rarer situation.

The bottom layer of the panel inserts is a soft foam, we use one layer for most riders but two layers can be good for heavier riders. I typically send with just one layer unless we discuss the additional thicker layer and it can be added to the panels with a velcro opening. I don't stock the closed panels since I prefer to be able to customize them and add shims, but they do have a nice clean look and can be ordered for those who know they don't need shims or prefer to shim in a pad.

Pics of the closed panels coming soon.


Last Updated: 2/14/2018
Ghost panels
Product: Ghost panels
Description: Ghost saddle panels only.
Price: $100
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