Girths for Ghost saddles. Beautifully made, comfortable for your horse, comes with ring for breast collar attachment.

This girth can come with either black or white wool or sympanova (easy cleaning!) backing. Stainless hardware,
elastic to the buckles. 

For those who have heard of Westip girths, which are popular in Europe, Ghost has teamed with Westip to make
a custom elastic webbing with the Italian flag colors. The entire length is slightly elastic for comfortable grip to
the horse. Great help if saddles slip front-back or side-side on your horse. These girths are also very thin,
so if your horse is smaller or the saddle is likely to put the girth into the armpits of your horse, the Ghost
Westip is a great choice.

The Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth is an amazing product. It curves forward under the belly to match
your horse's girth groove, yet allows the saddle to sit properly behind the extreme range of motion of the 
shoulder. This means less discomfort with treed saddles and more stability for treeless saddles. Stainless
Steel buckles, center dee, padded, antimicrobial material (neoprene based), elastic on both ends.

Last Updated: 2/14/2017
Ghost girth
Product: Ghost girth
Description: Girth for Ghost saddles with sympanova backing. Custom lengths possible in multiples of 5cm.
Price: $65

Westip Girth
Product: Ghost Westip Girth
Description: Elastic Westip girth made exclusively for Ghost. Sizing in 5cm increments, additional lengths can be ordered.
Price: $70

Total Saddle Fit Synthetic English Girth
Product: TSF Synthetic English Girth
Description: Shoulder relief girth made by Total Saddle Fit.
Price: $90
Girth length