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Ghost has redesigned the look of their pads. We still have a selection of the orginal pads which will be available for a reduced price while quantities last. The new pads have a bottom opening for inserts and are also available in more colors. I will mostly stock black, but occasionally will have other colors available.

If you prefer a real sheepskin pad, Ghost now offers a luxurious medicinal quality sheepskin bottom for all pads for an additional $65. These are as nice as Christ pads (which I can also order) but come with inserts which Christ does not. Medical Sheepskin was developed to manage the discomfort of being confined to bed. It was tanned via rigorous methods, but free of all dyes and toxic chemicals, and is intended for prolonged skin contact. The pile is treated in a way that gives the fibers better tensile properties, making it more successful at bearing weight without sinking from a pressure point. Like having thousands of tiny, tiny, soft springs, rather than just fluff. Medicinal wool has solved some friction issues for horses whose conformation drives the saddle forward and back or side to side while the treeless nature of the saddle tries so hard to match an exact fit. 

We also now have a Universal pad which can work under all Ghost models (although fairly big under the short flap models, some people prefer the full length). This is an incredible pad which can work under many saddle brands - it's what I use under the Bua. I'm also a big fan of the Premier England pads I'm stocking for Bua - they work great for Ghost too.

Blue Roma ($115) Fuscia Roma ($115) Brown Veneto ($115)
Red Veneto ($115) Black Quevis/Quilty ($100) Brown Quevis/Quilty ($100)

<--Universal pad with medicinal wool
under saddle area, wool blend under flaps


Medicinal Wool pad for short 
flap saddle  -->



Last Updated: 4/6/2018
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