Saddle Care

Congratulations on purchasing your new Ghost saddle. 

How to take care of your saddle:

  • Nubuck is best protected with a nubuck leather protection spray, available at the most shoe stores. Clean with a special nubuck sponge or brush, then spray with the protector
  • Oiled leather can be cleansed with a simple glycerin leather soap like regular leather. Do not use too much water. When the leather is becoming a bit dry, use a leather cream with bee’s wax in it (or pure bee’s wax for leather from the bee-keeper) You shouldn't need to use this more than a few times a year!
  • Lorica can be washed with a sponge with lukewarm water, it does not need to be oiled or sprayed. 

I've been using a great product called Rudy's leather conditioner from Bee Natural Leather Care. It does a beautiful job eliminating any scuffs on leather or oiled nubuck. I've also started using their Mink Oil which does a great job of water-proofing.

Try to keep Velcro clean - in household shops you can purchase special Velcro cleaning tools to remove hairs, hay and straw.

Do not dry a wet saddle near heating, in the full sun, or a camp-fire. This might damage the material.

If you adjust the panels - make sure you replace them symmetrically.

We advise to check your saddle on a regular basis - check if the rivets and screws are still tightened and if the straps and billets are not damaged. If you see any damage, please contact us, it’s easy to replace them. Don't worry if you see a bit of wear on the Biothane - the webbing inside is strong and won’t break. If needed, most parts can be replaced or even a replacement base can be ordered. 

If you want to change the seat, watch this instructional video - or ask for instructions. An additional tip - when I'm replacing a seat, I put a piece of plastic, like a large garbage bag, between the seat and the base while I slip the seat over the front rings and center the velcro tab. Then I stand behind the saddle, hold the seat up, and slide the bag out. Push the seat forward and down so that it fits nicely against the base and into the cantle. 

We hope you and your horse will enjoy many happy hours together.

Last Updated: 3/21/2016