The Quilty is an excellent choice for
the endurance rider who wants to
reduce weight and ride with a
straighter leg for balanced,
comfortable all day riding. A fender
can easily be added (see the Quevis
model for a picture).

It weighs 10lbs alone, 12lbs with the
pad and inserts. The panels of a 17"
are 21.5", an 18" is 23"

The Accessory Package includes
saddle pad, girth, stirrup straps for a
great savings.


Green nubuck Quilty with billet protectors
and stirrup strap keepers.

Beautiful nubuck and leather options:    

And here are some super-comfy
wool ideas. See the Agnello page
for the full wool option.

See color zone & materials to
create your pattern! 


Last Updated: 7/15/2017
Ghost saddle - Quilty
Product: Quilty
Description: Short-flap, lightweight saddle
Price: $800
Seat Size  
Girth strap protector  
Extra D rings  
Indicate color preferences if you select 2-tone or other.

Accessory package for Quilty, Quevis, Florac
Product: Accessory Package Q/Q/F
Description: Accessory package (pad, girth, stirrup straps & keepers) for short flap models Quilty, Quevis, and Florac
Price: $205
Bottom of pad material  
Pad color  
Girth length  
Girth Upgrade to TSF  
Stirrup strap length  
Available only with saddle purchase.