Ghost Treeless Saddles

My focus has always been on saddle fit for the moving horse, so I've been most impressed with adjustable panels saddles and treeless saddles. I studied treeless saddles when they surged in popularity a decade ago - and saw some great ideas and plenty of bad. As with anything, they evolved, all for the good - of the horse and the rider. Treeless can't work for every horse and every rider (despite the occasional claim,) but they can be an excellent option for a difficult to fit horse. 

I've now been riding a Ghost for almost 3 years and have done multi-day 50's and 75 mile rides in great comfort for me and my horse. Many customers report immediate improvements in their horse's attitude and way of going and some riders have eliminated pain they thought they were stuck with forever. A recent success is endurance rider Becky Bianchi and her amazing completion of the Old Dominion 100. 

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Note: There has been a price increase due to the poor $ to € and increasing prices of leather in Europe. I still have a few saddles purchased at the old price and any saddles out on demo are available at the prices shown on your demo receipt. Both Ghost and Badlands Equine have been absorbing these increases for a while but in the best interests of our customers and their horses and a desire to provide a quality product with a high level of service, we had to make changes. If the $ strengthens, there will be a price decrease at some point.


Jala Neufeld at Goethe Gallivant - photo credit Becky Pearman

"The flying horse!"

  New! Ghost is now offering embroidering a name (yours or your horse) on either the flap or cantle. 
Check out the new Madriana Bareback Pad. Customers love the comfort, feel of their horse, and a bit more security than the typical bareback pad!


Last Updated: 2/14/2018